2 Investigators: Schools Using Football Helmets With Low Safety Ratings

We like to think that the extensive equipment worn by football players protects them from the violence of the game, but parents and investigators have recently called into question the quality of the helmets used by many student athletes in their schools.  Investigators found serious deficiencies in many of the helmets in use by schools, leading some parents to pull their children from the sport.

“You would have 10 times the risk with the lower-performing helmet,” says Duma, explaining the player would have a ten-times-greater risk of getting a concussion. “I think it’s very significant.”

The 2 Investigators found 188 of these Schutt Youth Air Advantage helmets in Naperville’s District 203, along with 26 Adams helmets. It is the lowest-rated helmet with zero stars.

CBS 2 found the same low-rated helmets at high school, too, including Chicago’s Farragut, Lane Tech, Austin Polytech and Marshall.

“There is no reason people should be playing with these,” Duma says.

The NWFFL’s focus on football fundamentals gives athletes the ability to learn the game without the physical consequences of full tackle football.

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