Welcome to the Jim Schwantz Football Academy!

The J.S.F.A. will provide professional coaching in the fundamentals of football to ALL players regardless of experience. Players are divided into two divisions (Pro grades 6th-8th/college grades 3rd-5th) as well as subdivisions, experienced and inexperienced, differentiated based on player’s experience and ability.

Accomplished Athlete

All coaches have years of experience at the college or high school level. Our coaches are not volunteers. They are paid coaches that instruct your son in the proper fundamentals of football and meet the needs of any player, from the most inexperienced to the star quarterback and receiver!

Beginner Level (Pro and College Divisions)

  • Fundamentals of Football
  • Basics of throwing, catching, blocking, tackling, conditioning and agility
  • Team Work
  • Safety
  • Scrimmages and camp games

Advanced Level (Pro Division: Grades 6th-8th)

  • Positional Technique
  • Passing & Receiving
  • Footwork, arm angles, body position, and accuracy
  • Blocking & Tackling
  • Body Position, hand placement, leverage, footwork
  • Conditioning and agility
  • Practices and skill set training like the pros